Pick up your prints…(cont.)

I will leave your prints inside the classroom.  The door is propped open.  If you do not care, then they will probably be taken by someone and eventually sold for profit.

Have a great summer.


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Pick Up Your Prints!

I will be on campus in the classroom on Thursday, May 13, 12-12:30pm.  Come get yo prints.


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Project 4 Update!


Along with your 3 mounted prints, provide a description of what your prints are about.  This paragraph should be well written and explain what your work is about.  Please tape this description to the back of one of your prints.

Good Luck.


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Final Update!

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

After some rioting in the streets, I am changing the due date for Projects 4, 5 and the CD to…

WED, 12th of May.

during our regularly scheduled classtime

**This gives you one extra week**

No extensions will be given.



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No Class, 4/26, Research Day

April 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Research Day 2

Get your work done.  Thurs. come with questions.  If you have questions email me or comment on this blog….

Focus!  come on now! Focus!  Christian, I’m talking to you.


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CD Portfolio

April 21, 2010 Leave a comment


As mentioned before, a burned CD with all of your classwork will be due on the last class day.(May 5th)  No exceptions.  This CD is a significant portion of your grade, equal to about 2 project grades).  Please have it organized as such.

(each bullet point is a different folder)

Lastname_First Initial

  • Class Exercises
  • Lynda Exercises
  • Projects


Each Folder will have sub-folders, for example,

Class Exercises

  • CE01
  • CE02
  • CE03
  • CE04
  • etc.

Lynda Exercises

  • LE01
  • LE02
  • etc.


  • P01
  • P02
  • P03
  • etc.

Include all work files and all extra files you used to create your class exercises, projects, etc.

The more organized and thorough your CD, the better grade you will receive.

You should have 22 exercises, 5 projects, and 7 Lynda Lessons.

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Research Day: Today!

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment


No Class. Today is a research day for class.  Enjoy it.  Get your projects started!  Focus!


Amendment: Please use Black matteboard instead of Foamcore.  Matteboard.  Hobby Lobby and Michaels will cut it for you.  Michaels cuts it for free. Use an exacto knife if you cut it yourself.  Make sure there are no jagged edges.


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